Jean Newman
Stratum resize

stratum (2015)
photopolymer prints on Hahnemuhle paper on plywood, 488cm x 80cm overall

Stratum 2

stratum (2015) (detail)
photopolymer prints on Hahnemuhle paper, 10cm x 10cm

Stratum 3
Stratum 4


Stratum 5

Uist is rich in decorated Iron Age pottery and this installation references both geological and archaeological strata, where layering provides contextual information about the origins of the landscape and of our own presence in it.
Multiple small square prints, each one different and some incomplete, start with the decorated marks on pottery sherds, and reflect both the archaeological recording grid and the pottery pieces.   Placing of the prints in a notional stratum reminds the observer of the haphazard and incomplete nature of archaeological finds, while a muted palette of earth colours mirrors the originating pieces of pottery.