Jean Newman

kinaesthesia (2018)
36 movement drawings 160mm x 160mm
white ink on black card


Walking on Kallin Moor, Isle of Grimsay
2017 – 2018

Regardless of the number of times you make a move, each time is the first, every copy an original.  Nor can you ever be sure how it will turn out … it is impossible to go back and correct.

Tim Ingold

Repeatedly following the same track, moving through the Hebridean landscape provides a way of thinking creatively about concepts of time and temporal continuity.  Repetitive, ephemeral tracings are created by the movement of walking and provide a memory of both a material journey and a temporal narrative.  Patterns emerge as each track is walked on a regular basis, and a residue of the movement is found in GPS recordings, which are a reflection of clock-time, duration, date, place and distance travelled.  Each drawing is unique and subtly different from all the others, although there is a certain lunarity to them, which adds a further dimension for contemplation.The movement drawings are mounted at an angle, encouraging the viewer to walk along a continuum which reflects movement across both time and space.