Jean Newman
pencil on paper (72cm x 4.7m) 2020

pencil on paper (72cm x 4.7m) 2020

Our intuition baulks at immense numbers and the endless variety generated by combinations. … it seems impossible to us that from the combination of simple things, so many other things and such complexity can be born. It is for this reason, I believe that it seems inconceivable that things as complex as life, or our own thought, can emerge from simple things: we instinctively underestimate simple things.

Carlo Rovelli

Grids and graphs are patterns which enable simple elements to be combined to express something complex.  

Using a predetermined grid, both as a device to mark the boundaries of the drawing and to assist where precision is sought, and as a guide within the drawing, multiple pencil marks on white paper mark time. Envisaged as a floor piece that can be walked alongside as a continuum (or viewed as a moment in time from one edge of the paper to the other), the scrolling of the paper allows time past to be rolled away within the drawing, with the tantalising prospect of future time waiting to be unrolled in the other direction. And beyond the drawing, in the blank spaces, the potential of marks still to be made.

Time and temporal continuity expressed through simple marks.