Jean Newman
graffiti 2 b & w

graffiti (2018) Kallin Moor, Grimsay
Domestic paint over Lewisian gneiss
800mm x 1000mm

graffiti 3 b & w
graffiti 4 b & w
graffiti cover image b & w

When we experience ancient marks we ‘relinquish the time of the present, forever the same, and reconnect ourselves to a human and humanised time of the past’ 

Christopher Tilley

Echoing the patterns of Neolithic rock art and pottery decoration, these marks on the Lewisian gneiss bedrock of the Kallin Moor may be chanced upon in the landscape as an enigma, or never observed again by human eye.  By depicting in visual code the grid reference of the location and the GPS code of the occasion when the marks were created, they make a connection across time between the ancient past and the present, and will remain into the future only until the elements obliterate them.