Jean Newman
enmeshed  (38cm x 4.7m) ink on paper 2020

enmeshed (38cm x 4.7m) ink on paper 2020

enmeshed (92cm x 4.7m) ink on paper

enmeshed (92cm x 4.7m) ink on paper

The rhythm in a drawing allows one to experience the thing. It takes the eye from place to place.

Avis Newman

Abandoning the guiding grid, and instead allowing the lines to take their own positions on the paper, ‘off-grid’ drawings take on an organic fluidity, creating a fragile mesh of tangled lines.

For this asymmetric diamond motif in particular, each individual line is dependent for its placement on the one above, unable to contribute to the overall mesh unless it has that starting point, that umbilical cord. The connections made by the lines bring to mind reflections on water, twinkling movement, a tangle of lines like signals connecting synapses in the brain.

By standing back the continuous flow of time can be perceived by the viewer. Close proximity allows only a portion to be seen – a moment in the overall timeframe of the drawing.

Drawing in this way makes connections, producing a variant version of the grid – a space to join up the dots, like a child’s puzzle. But equally, any lack of symmetry is exaggerated like a ripple across the surface of the drawing. This irregular rippling brings to mind the effect of gravity in space, the manner in which space is distorted by the gravitational pull of masses, of black holes and the concept of infinity.