Jean Newman

suspended duration (2018)
10 panels 850mm x 1570mm and 450mm x 1570mm
Spunbond building paper


For our duration is not merely one instant replacing another; if it were, there would never be anything but the present - no prolonging of the past into the actual, no evolution, no concrete duration.  Duration is the continuous progress of the past which gnaws into the futureā€¦ 

Henri Bergson

A chance encounter with an eighteenth century French text about pattern permutations has enabled the development of line, pattern and repetition into a personal visual code with which to interpret the memories and temporal information created in the landscape through movement. The resultant works enable the viewer to walk past, round and through these interpretations of time and place. This repetition of the same track permits reflection on the passing of time, but also the temporal continuity inherent in the place, between the ancient past, our uncertain present, and the unknown future.

Ten panels interpret fourteen walks through pattern, based on the unique URL codes of the GPS recordings. Suspended in chronological order, the panels create a 3D drawing, permitting the viewer to circumnavigate time, move back through time or forwards into the future, or simply linger within time.